"I'm a relatively active and healthy and have never experienced upper back/neck pain, until recently. Being active, I’ve had an assortment of other injuries but this one worried me as I couldn’t sit or stand without pain – and in certain positions/movements, extreme pain. I had never seen a chiropractor before as I’m apprehensive with adjustments, but had heard positive things about Dr. Bachar at Whole Life Balance, so booked an appointment. Dr. Bachar was thorough in her assessment and great at providing options around a treatment approach – including acupuncture and deep muscle release, as she knew I was uneasy with adjustments. The results? Complete success! Felt great immediately after and even better the following days. I decided to play it safe and not work out for a week, although I didn’t feel any further pain. One week later I began my regular workouts and no sign of pain at all - well, at least not back pain! =) Thank you Dr. Bachar!"

“Over the past several months I have had the fortune of being treated by Dr. Bachar for my chronic back/sciatic pain and clavicle injury. Her insight, expertise and willingness to listen and engage with her patients, exemplifies the emphasis she places on customer service. Thanks to Dr. Bachar, I have experienced tremendous improvement in my mobility, functionality and ability to partake in the sports and recreational activities I’m passionate about.”

"I see Dr. Carmel Bachar for chiro/acupuncture and it's been a game changer - she's awesome! My workouts at the gym are now completely pain-free thanks to her commitment to figuring out the mystery source of the pain, and her terrifyingly strong hands. I was super hesitant to walk into a strangers office and have them put needles into the sore parts of my body, but Carmel knows what she's doing and doesn't mess around! If you've got mystery aches and pains, she's going to be your new best friend."

"My back feels brand new already, like I'm a teenager again! Thank you so much!!!"


"I visited Carmel Bachar, the clinic’s chiropractor, for help dealing with a lower back injury I got while working out & basically over exerting myself at the gym. She was able to tell me what I did (strain) and helped me feel so much better with only a few visits. Carmel adjusted my back and performed medical acupuncture on both my lower back and super tense shoulders that i get from work/life stress! The acupuncture felt amazing and seriously was a load off my back. Not only is she super kind, but her ongoing support went well above and beyond the expected level of service. I felt I could trust her to adjust and work on me how she saw fit. She explained everything she was doing and checked in with me to make sure I was okay throughout the session. She even followed up with me over text to see how i was doing! I have never had that sort of quality service before! Carmel made me feel so comfortable and ensured me she would have be feeling better in no time, and she did. I tell all my friends about my experience with Carmel and highly recommend her services."

"I strongly recommend Dr. Carmel Bachar! She is exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate, cares, and delivers incredible results. People literally walk out of her room blown away. I've trusted her to support my husband who used to dance for the National Ballet of Canada and Cirque de Soleil until he unfortunately had a full shoulder replacement (I don't trust many people to treat him given the complexity of his dance background and injury, but ‪Dr. Carmel Bachar has been excellent with him and I would sincerely recommend her to anyone -)."

“I’ve traveled far and wide for healing, never would I have thought I would find a medicine women like Dr. Carmel right here in downtown Toronto.
Her techniques are very unique and stylized to your ailment. I was always told by even some doctors to be weary of chiropractors as they would just crack my back and send me on my way. I can assure you that’s not what happens with Dr. Carmel. After just one session my life time of stiffness in my neck and shoulders was significantly decreased, after my second session I almost don’t even feel it anymore. Not to mention she is as pleasant as could be. I wish I could give her 10 stars. 100% recommend.”

“ Dr. Carmel is absolutely amazing. I've been dealing with a bunch of different issues due to bad posture and an injury. Dr. Carmel took the time to understand the extent and history of each issue and designed a treatment plan accordingly. She used a bunch of different approaches, including adjustments and dry needling and I'm happy to say that I have been seeing great results. Would absolutely recommend if you need some TLC.”

“My shoulder pain is almost entirely pain free thanks to Dr. Carmel Bachar. I’d like to add the speed with which it happened was nothing short of miraculous. Very impressed and grateful, do yourself a favour and see her, you will not regret it.”


“I would recommend Dr. Carmel! She has treated both my wife and I for a variety of aliments, from fractured ribs, sprained knees and ankles to general maintenance for poor posture due to computer work and office stress. Her thoroughness and care are amazing. She is attentive and really does follow up to ensure you are on a path to a better pain free life. Cant say enough great things about her!”

"I worked with Dr. Carmel on my back and knee problems. What I will say is that you will rarely come across someone who loves what they do as much as her. Extremely passionate, professional and her attention to detail is uncanny, she gave me hope on a knee problem that I completely lost hope on. It was very refreshing working with someone like her."

"I was urgently looking to get a massage treatment for my neck pain. I normally visit a sports rehab clinic that is out of the way and closed on weekends. Lucky for me, I ended up finding specialists who are better than the rehab clinic I had been going to for months, and to top it off, the service/experience is exceptional. They really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. During my first visit I received a massage from Katie, and it was wonderful. I was then recommended to the chiropractor because my issue was a little deeper. When I first met with the chiro, Dr. Carmel Bachar, I was apprehensive because of past experiences. However, right away, Carmel was very diligent and thorough with her discovery questions so she could apply the appropriate course of treatment. I have never experienced this type of care in my life and it has been very refreshing. I've been seeing her now for a short 1.5 weeks and my neck pain is virtually gone. Just one more treatment and I should be good to go. HIGHLY recommend!!"

"Dr. Carmel Bachar is the real deal, I am a very active person, training 5-6 time a week, softball, hip hop etc. I definitely have my share of sport injuries. I have had bad experiences with previous chiropractors and needing many sessions before seeing results- or no result at all. On my first appointment i soon realized that I was in good hands (no punt intended) I felt 70% better right after the initial session. The second time i came for a different issue and she used all her knowledge and experience to help the pain and discomfort in my shoulder. I was able to play my softball game the next day. in my most recent visit i was unable to reach my shoulder due of elbow injury involving my triceps, In less than 30 minutes of chiropractic treatment and acupuncture I was able to reach over my shoulder without pain.
I believe that Dr. Carmel Bachar's knowledge and professional experience can help you as much as she has been helping me in the past few months. She seem to always find the right treatment for all different scenario its like magic...make your pain go away... Thank you Dr. Carmel Bachar for being so passionate and care so much about your patients well being..."

"I received Chiropractic treatment from Carmel and she was amazing. She assessed me and developed a plan based on my body's needs. She suggested a series of diverse methods based on my comfort level and what she thought was the most effective treatment. Then she started getting to work and I felt relief immediately! I 100% recommend Carmel."

"Dr. Carmel Bachar really knows the body well and has a thirst and passion to help people get both short-term and long-term relief. She's helped me many times and knows how to connect the dots in ways others do not."

"I'd strongly recommend Dr. Carmel Bachar who is a Chiropractor and thoroughly amazing. She works on acute situations but also provides recovery in a long-term way. She's helped me tremendously with my headaches and shoulder/neck pain. She's unlike any Chiro I've ever seen and can provide the right kind of care and also further insight as well."

Dr. Carmel Bachar

Dr. Carmel Bachar

“Dr. Carmel is the friendliest medical professional I've worked with! I was having some arm pain due to the sedentary nature of my desk job and poor posture, and Dr. Carmel demonstrated a wealth of experience in dealing with my specific condition. My pain began to subside within a couple of sessions, and Dr. Carmel recommended some helpful exercises and lifestyle adjustments to avoid future flare ups. Dr. Carmel employed various techniques, ranging from physical manipulations to deep tissue massage to acupuncture, to cure my condition, and I felt almost no side effects whatsoever. Whole Life Balance is designed to be comfortable and accommodating as well, and everyone greets you with a smile and a pleasant conversation. If you're in the neighborhood, you can't go wrong with Dr. Carmel!”

“Carmel is a personable, caring and highly effective chiropractor. I've been seeing her for shoulder and neck issues and she has helped me a great deal. She has used acupuncture and deep massage to address inflamed tendons and released tight muscles. I highly recommend her services.”